Saturday night I was leaving a store and noticed a rainbow in the sky so I snapped a photo. Everyone else around me was doing the same thing. You gotta love the digital age.


At work, I sit near a window so am already distracted enough after years of sitting in gloomy darkness (which I admit, I did kind of like). The past few days have been gorgeous. You can imagine how much work I'm getting done. Today They were calling for snow flurries. I scoffed. But I was checking that window like crazy. Sure enough, the flurries started around noon and we went nuts. We ran outside like a bunch of lunatics. I managed to snap a photo of some flakes that landed on my arm.


It is VERY cold outside now. Lulu and I did her walk around the apartment complex is record time. I've never seen her little legs go so fast.

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  1. That first snow of the winter is always so exciting. Aww.. I'll miss that.