According to two different doctors' measurements within the last month, I am only 5'6 and 3/4". What the hell? I've shrunk over an inch? I think there is something faulty with their measuring methods because the scales at my parents' house still says that I'm 5'8". I will check it again when I go home at Christmas but I refuse to believe I have shrunk. Losing weight is supposed to make me sproing up from the weightlessness...right?

I'm coming down with yet another cold/sinus infection or whatever so I saw a new doctor today. She gave me more Ambien. Yay. No more nightmares about The Office or Legend (nothing like waking up in near screams because you were dreaming about zombie dogs). Too bad I couldn't get anymore Xanax from her. Drug seeking? Who me? Never.

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  1. Gus and Ellie have joined Lulu in visiting with the local skunks. I think Gus got the worst of it. He and Kristin are in the shower right now.