The kindness of strangers

Earlier today I was driving along, just going to the Food Lion, when the tire light came on in my car. I needed gas anyway so I pulled into the gas station. Getting out of the car, I heard a hissing noise. No, there was not a snake wrapped around my tire (that was my first thought...I'm tired...my brain has not been fully functional this week). Instead, there was a big bolt sticking out of it. Really not what I needed at 5:30pm on a Sunday night. On the Sunday night before I start my new job.

After I got my gas I pulled around to the side of the station and start getting out all the things to change the tire. I can change a tire. I've done it once before, on Kristin's SUV, but it's been a long time. Thankfully, this man was driving by to go to the car wash and stopped to ask if I needed help. For 2 seconds I thought about saying no, because I want to be able to take care of myself and not be a helpless girl, but then I came to my senses and said yes. It took him less than 5 minutes to change the tire. Then he was gone like Superman. I didn't even get his name.

But then, doing my shopping at the Food Lion, I ran into him again. His name is Scott. So a giant shout out to Scott in Apex. Thanks a million.


  1. Big cheers to Scott! Good luck tomorrow... :)

  2. Dude. You were shopping at a Food Lion? I thought ABC put those out of business.

    ps. Was he the three S? Smart, sexy, & single? Or was he a bubba?