What the hell?!

No. Seriously. What the hell is going on in CSI land? I haven't seen the season finale for CSI:NY yet but I swear if it ends with a main cast member getting shot... I might just lose my mind.

I had not seen any promos since it's been all CSI:Miami all the time at my house for the past 6 months (yes, I have issues, I'm aware). So when Warrick got shot in the neck...OH MY GOD! I am not kidding you when I say that I shouted and jumped up off the sofa. I was frantically looking for my phone so I could call my sister to ask her if she'd seen it. I always knew that under sherriff was going to be evil in the end.

It was a good hour of tv (well, really only about 43 minutes since I was watching it from the dvr) that took my mind off the dark and twisty that has otherwise been my week.

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