What better way to spend a long weekend than to see movies? This weekend I saw two. Priceless and Young at Heart. I recommend both.

Priceless is a French film (so put your reading glasses on, it's subtitled) that stars Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh. It's cute and makes me want to move to the French Riveria and take up smoking and scooter riding. Or something like that.

Young at Heart is a documentary about a senior citizens chorus that sings covers of songs by the Ramones, James Brown and Coldplay just to name a few. You might have seen clips of them on YouTube. That's where I first heard of them. From the very start of the film I had a smile on my face. I laughed and I cried. Even if you don't go see the movie, at least watch this clip. It's the one that made me cry.

Here's a clip of the Young at Heart singers performing recently on Ellen DeGeneres' show, doing some James Brown and Outkast.

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  1. I can't go watch the center clip. I saw that a while back and it made me cry then. So I can't even look at the photo of the clip without nearly crying now.

    I love Audrey Tautou... I will HAVE to see that movie. Thanks for the tip!