My appointment with the new headache doctor went well yesterday. No more Advil. Ever. Fine, I can deal with that. I'd already given up all other over the counter pain relievers and was working on taking little to no Advil. Which probably explains why I wanted to die earlier this week--I wasn't taken any pain meds at all. And that leads to the next step....I am to only use 1 rx med up to twice a week only. Basically, despite my best efforts to not over medicate the doctor suspects that I'm getting rebound headaches in addition to the migraines. So we have to eliminate the rebounds first.

Now here's the hardest part....no more caffeine! Oh noes! How will I face the day without a Diet Coke every morning?! It's not like I drink much soda....only 1 or 2 a day but that could be enough to cause the migraines. I had a friend in junior high whose mother went through 3 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke every day. Imagine what her insides looked like? (she wasn't a very nice person altogether but I don't suppose that was the Diet Coke's fault).

Anyway. Just to be safe I'm having an MRI on Wednesday. With contrast. Wheeeee! They're going to light up my brain. So we can see just how little of it I use. Ha ha ha ha.

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