First....where is my damn Martha Stewart Living?! I keep seeing it in the store, with Martha's serene smile staring back at me. Taunting me. But nooooo. No magazine for me! I even went to the website and filled out the form that you're supposed to fill out when your magazine doesn't come. It's bad enough that she yanked Blueprint but now this? Martha, you disappoint me.

Second....you know how sometimes you have to deal with people, who are shall we say, not so smart? But you keep hoping that it's just a fluke? That they'll snap out of it? Yet they never do? So who's the dumb one then? This is when I chant my new inner mantra "scowling makes wrinkles. scowling makes wrinkles. scowling makes wrinkles."

Third....going to the gym for my workout at noon instead of after work? What was I thinking? Longest "lunch" ever! Not to mention, I was staaaaaaaarving and it's really hard to do lunges and crunches and whatever other torture the trainer is throwing at you after you've already done 20 minutes of intense cardio. Then I had to go home to totally re-do my whole morning routine. Trust me, I was not about to shower at the gym. That's totally ick. The communal bathroom thing...I left that in the college dorm, thank you very much.

And finally, I have not had a decent night's sleep in nearly two weeks. I would just like to have one night uninterrupted by dreams about work or the NCIDQ (it's too soon for those to start!) or Lulu barking her fool head off at 4am because some cat or possum dared to walk in her yard!

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