Ice Ice Baby

Austin is experiencing what the zealous weather people on tv like to call an "arctic blast". In fact, they are so excited about this weather that they're not showing Good Morning America or the Today show! Right now, the roads are still passable but I decided not to take any chances, since it's only going to get worse, and stayed home from work. Unfortunately, they didn't close the office, so I have to use a vacation day. I've got over a week of time at this point so it's not really a big deal but I do feel a bit guilty for not going in.

People in Austin can not drive when the roads are iced over. Back in 2003, when I was going through the most horrible training to be a sales person for La-Z-Boy, we had an ice storm. The rhymes-with-witch woman giving the training would not let us leave early and the only way I could get home was to take the very high, heavily traffic and at that point heavily iced Mopac to N. 183 flyover. Good times.

More from me later, I'm sure.


  1. We didn't get any of that last night but, I think we will tonight. Which means school will be out and kids will be home. Yea.

    And here in SA, they are calling it "The Three Sided Storm"...wth? They couldn't come up with something better than that???

  2. oh i know it can be crazy and a mess, but what fun!!