Another reason why I need to win the lottery

So I'm watching High Flying Homes on HGTV and I am struck by the fact that I must have my own custom plane. Or I could just work for a company that designs them. Do you know that they have special drawers for every little thing so they don't shift around during landing/takeoff/turbulence? How cool would it be to get to design those littler drawers?

You can design your very own plane or you can just rent one. No more getting to the airport hours early so you can take off your shoes and get felt up as you go through security. On your own plane, you can wear your pajamas and sing along with your iPod if you feel like it. Or you could eat fresh out of the oven cookies while you drink champagne served to you in fine crystal flutes.

So enough day dreaming....tomorrow I'll be driving to work in my 7 year old car that has stained floor mats and faded exterior paint.

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