Not having a lovefest

So I'm not having a lovefest with the state of North Carolina right now. I just finished doing my taxes and while I'm getting a federal refund (wooooo, tropical vacation!) I owe the state of North Carolina money. Twelve dollars. $12. Tah-well-vah. To quote The Boyfriend "that's redonkulous". Needless to say I let TurboTax go right ahead and e-file the federal and I put off filing the state for another day. I will just fill them out myself and mail in a check the old fashion way. And I'll do it on April 14th. Dammit.

The other reason I'm sort of hating NC right now is because my car did not pass inspection. Why? Because my back window is too dark. But I bought it that way from the car dealership! There should be a pass for that. But apparently in Texas your back window can be as dark as night. It certainly didn't seem to bother the state trooper that gave me a speeding ticket over Thanksgiving, but whatevs North Carolina!

So now that I've taken a survey around my office of just which shady (hahah, totally no pun intended) inspection center I can take my car to in order to have the tint pass I have to drive across town to get that done tomorrow. And if that doesn't work then I might just have to contemplate insurance fraud. Surely that rock didn't mean to go through my window? Right? JUST KIDDING. I would never break the law. Like that anyway. I love USAA and would not commit fraud against them in any manner.

Maybe I'll just buy a new car instead. My registration and inspection are good until the 15th so I better get right on it.

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