It's not like this at my house

This is not how bath time for Lulu goes at our house. That would be why she only got one bath in the last year. Of course, after she got skunked at my parents' house she got like 10 baths in very quick succession so that sort of makes up for it.

I love how the puppy bites the water. So cute. It almost makes me want another puppy. Almost.


  1. Saw Iso a while back on Facebook via a friend and I just loved the way they slowed that baby down. Precious! :)

  2. Yea...this not at all what bath time looks like at our house. Not so cute, a lot of thrashing, humans come out more wet than the dog, looks of resentment on both sides. They do have a super cute puppy though. Congrats to them.

  3. Gah! So cute. :) Our pooches have NEVER enjoyed bath time like this.