Don't fence me in

My apartment complex recently built a dog park. This makes me happy. The dog park, in Raleigh, that I have taken Lulu to a few times is about 30 minutes from my house. Lulu is good for about 10 minutes there before she is begging to leave so it's not really worth the drive. Now it's a two minute walk and we can go for just a few minutes if she's not feeling social. Mostly she just likes to wander around and sniff everything but the other night there was another dog that she actually played with. It was quite fun to watch. I am hoping that when the weather warms up we can spend more time there and she will remember how to play with other dogs.

Lulu at the dog park

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  1. Hope you have many fun times at your new doggy recreational facility.

    flash, alven, dottie