This can't be good

For a few years now I've had this little pink mole* on the side of my leg. I always hated it and wanted it removed but my doctor said it wasn't any big deal. I tried to ignore it. But sometimes I would touch it, just a little, to make sure it was still there (why yes, I am strange). So the other day I noticed that I couldn't feel it! What?! Where did it go?! I looked in the mirror and it was no longer pink. It had turned a darker color. And it was no longer raised! And it kinda hurts. This is not good. Not good at all.

It just so happens that I already had an appointment set up with the dermatologist next week for my yearly mole check anyway. I think my body knows and is fighting me because along with this mole thing I also have developed some kind of funky rash on my neck (which my friend so helpfully pointed out to me during lunch) and acne on my forehead. How can I have wrinkles and acne at the same time? Not right.

*yes, that is my mole and no, you don't want to know how much I had to contort to take that photo. Lulu was not amused that I spent 10 minutes trying to get a photo instead of feeding her dinner.


  1. Just out of curiosity, how far in advance do you need to call for that appointment?

  2. Sending many mighty good thoughts and crossed fingers your way. Keep us posted.
    BTW, love the dog bone story. Our Cavalier has a rubber chicken that he *has* to have. I have spent frantic moments searching high and low for it. Reminds me of my son at a much younger age- me ripping apart the couch cushions looking for that sucky (pacifier) with sheer panic setting in as the sceaming escalated!

  3. Ooh, I feel like a have one mole scare per year. Usually for a week I think I'm going to die and then it ends up being nothing.

    Hope all goes well. I may hit you up for a derm recommendation at some point in the future.