It's that time of year again

A time of year I hate.....football season. Blech. So my Facebook profile is getting inundated with "wave requests" from my friends to show support for our college team. Yeah, whatever. But dogging on another team, I can go for that. Specially if it means hating on the Texas Longhorns. I ran across this little graphic and it cheered me right up.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so with you on that one. I do love football season, but in Austin, the longhorn thing is a bit, er, oppressive?

  2. Agreed. I went to OU and now live in Colorado. My husband and his entire family are CU "Buff" fans. They always try to talk S*** about OU and how they beat us last year.

    Uh, I'm grown and don't go to school there anymore.

    I could really care less!