Dear Diary

I'm turning 35 on Wednesday. So not excited about this. You know what would make me excited? Beautiful expensive material possessions. Like this necklace from the Sundance Catalog jewelry line:

Or these Biala shoes:

Or new bedding from Pottery Barn. For a while I hated everything in their catalog but lately they've had some really good stuff. Someday I might actually be able to make a decision and decorate my bedroom.

ooooh! A relaxing tropical vacation...after hurricane season is over, of course.

But what would really make me excited....for this next week to be over already. I am so tired of the NCIDQ looming over my head. I'm looking forward to next Sunday so much. No more worrying about studying. I can lounge on my sofa guilt free! I can pick up my knitting again! I can find something new to stress out about!

ps....I'd still take that vacation though.

1 comment:

  1. I lurve me some Sundance jewelry so very much. It's always on my wish list.

    I haven't looked at Pottery Barn lately. There has been nothing I've liked, either. Maybe I should look too. So I can crave during this time of crappy financial situations...

    Your coming year will rock. My prediction. :)