Skinny jeans

Yes, I do love my new iphone.
But really, I took this photo because I have lost 70 lbs and the body I see in the mirror does not match what I see in photos. In the mirror I still see the super fat me. It's hard to reconcile the two. So I was out shopping the other day, at Old Navy, trying on a size of jeans that I have not worn since like the 7th grade. Of course I had to take a vain moment and snap a photo. If I didn't recognize my feet I wouldn't know that was me.


  1. Great job on losing all the weight. I lost a little bit of weight my self and you should be really proud of your self it is something that is really hard to do. You should reward yourself for all your hard work by buying yourself a new pair of women's jeans. That way you can now look good and feel better about yourself.

  2. Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment. Did you buy your new skinny jeans??