Music I am loving

I was listening to my Pandora station at work the other day (creatively titled "ek's station") when this song came on that I'd never heard before. Now that doesn't really happen very often so I had to click out of autoCAD to see who it was. Granted, the radio stations here suck but has anyone else ever heard of Never Shout Never? Well anyway, I've bought this song from iTunes.

Another song I heard recently and had to buy was a song I've heard used in the opening sequence of a new tv show. Since then I've also heard it used in ads for the new Eat Love Pray movie. The artist is Florence + the Machine.

So look people, I'm not up on what's new in music these days (obviously, both these groups have been around a while) since it's all Clearchannel aka all Lady Gaga all Ke$ha all the time here in the Triangle. Help a girl out and let me know what I should be listening to. I can only listen to so much NPR and country music.

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  1. Loved the Never Shout Never guy so I bought the song too. Thanks!