Crazy Day

Yesterday was a crazy day. In fact, due to work, this entire week is going to be crazy. Half of my department is on vacation and we have twice the normal workload to get out the door. So here's what my day looked like yesterday:

8-6:45 work work work work like a crazy woman
6:45-7:15 drive home in pouring down rain/walk & feed Lulu
7:15-7:30 drive in pouring rain (see car on fire) to meet date at movie theatre
7:30-10:00 Ironman 2 (rocked. A+ would see again)
10:00-10:15 drive back to office
10:15-11:00 work a little more until too tired.

So after that I drove home and by that time I was starving because the last time I'd eaten anything was a random string cheese I had sitting in the office fridge. I'm still alive this morning so it couldn't have been that old.

And now I'm typing this in between bites of cornflakes and googling airfares for flights to Austin/San Antonio in the fall so I can decide if I want to buy a single day ticket to ACL when they go on sale this morning. Not that I'll probably remember when they do go on sale because I'll be too busy at work to stop and try to purchase one and they sell out so fast. But I'm also seriously thinking about going to San Antonio to do the R&R 1/2 marathon there with Kristin in November. Gotta get that Triple Crown medal!

And now for a random photo of a sculpture made of recycled trash or something at a local shopping center:

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  1. That is one crazy jam-packed day. Also, I find the sculpture a little disturbing. It might be the "pants." They look like leather booty shorts...