Breaking Records

Photo Courtesy of blazer8696 

This past weekend for our marathon training we were on the American Tobacco Trail for a 10 mile run. If you check out this map you'll see where we started, at mile marker 5, and then headed North towards Durham (the map is slightly outdated...the bridges aren't actually missing). It was my first time to visit that trail and it was very pretty. Green, quiet and serene. I really enjoyed it. That's right. I _enjoyed_ a 10 mile run. And run, I did. With each run I'm getting faster and faster. So last night we went back out there to do a 4 mile run and we did it in under an hour!

Maybe if my pants hadn't been trying to fall down I could have gone even faster. I bought the pants at the end of January and they were bordering on obscenely tight and now they need to be relegated to stay-at-home-only wear.

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