Stuffed Sausage

It's been a busy week here at Chez Lazy. Perhaps we need a new name since it's starting to be less lazy around here. At least for me. Lulu is still pretty lazy.

Last Saturday was supposed to be my first official training session with Team in Training, only it was canceled due to the snow storm. That means tomorrow is our first official outing. 3 miles. Fine, not a problem. I did 4 miles in just over an hour a few weekends ago and I wasn't even pushing myself. However, it is raining buckets. BUCKETS. And we train rain or shine, apparently only skipping it for lightening or snow.

So at lunch today I went to Dick's Sports (*snicker*, yes, I'm twelve) to try to find some long sleeved shirts that will both keep me warm and dry but will also wick any sweat away. Yeah, that did not happen. Apparently, in the UnderArmour, Nike, Reebok world an extra-large is not really an extra-large. I looked like a stuffed sausage. It was not pretty. Not that I need to be pretty but my arms do need to function.

I went back to the office empty handed and proceeded to microwave my lunch, a Lean Cuisine bbq chicken pizza. blech. I took 2 bites (the second just to confirm that my first reaction was correct) and put the entire thing in the trash. Therefore, my lunch consisted of a Jello pudding cup and a diet coke. I kept opening and closing my desk drawer in hopes that a granola bar or some chips might magically appear.

Have you donated yet? Just think of me running in the rain. The laugh is totally worth a $10 donation, don't you think?

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