Shoe Drama

First let me say that I survived the training on Saturday. Thankfully, it was not raining and, in fact, it stayed dry until we were finished. Some snowflakes did begin to fall as we left but nothing to write home (or blog) about.

A while back I bought some fancy new running shoes. I went to a store that specializes in said shoes, where they took all kinds of measurements, had me walk barefoot across the store, etc to determine exactly what type of shoe I needed and left with the most expensive pair of athletic that I'd ever purchased. Well, they never did feel quite right and on Saturday's walk I determined that if walking 3 miles bothered me this much there was no way I could walk 13.1 in those shoes.

So back to the store I went.

My saleswoman, whose name I do not know, had the patience of a saint, because I'm pretty sure I tried on every shoe in that store. Most of them slipped in the heel or the arch hit in the wrong spot. Frankly, I think my feet were just over it and got confused. Because I finally decided on what I thought were a pair that would work.

Wrong wrongity wrong.

I wore them around the house Saturday afternoon and then out Saturday night and they made my feet feel like they were on fire. This morning, my feet were still hurting!

Back to the store I'll go later this week. Seriously, I hope they've gotten some new shoes in or something because otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do.

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  1. bummer! anyone recommend orthotics yet? i have never tried but some swear by it. new balance also seems to offer shoes in a variety of widths....i think there's a new balance store around here....