I am no fan of classic rock...but I am watching last night's dvr'd episode of The Sing Off and The Beelzebubs made me like The Who. Seriously, I want this medley on my ipod.

But if they bust out some Rush I might hurt myself trying to fast forward.


  1. woudln't you know I missed both them and nota that night? When I'm back in town with a higher internect speed connection I must watch..!

  2. started with good music and turned it gay... what a shame! no classic rock huh?

  3. I have a severe aversion to Rush and Pink Floyd. Long guitar solos also make me ragey. So it's better that I just skip that whole genre all together.

    Don't hate on a cappella.

  4. I'm a big fan of remakes/covers and like to hear a cappella too... I'm just having trouble with this one, sorry! haha

    now I'll go crank up some Metellica!