I am ashamed to admit it, but I've come under the Twilight spell. Over the Christmas holidays I read the first two books at my sister's house and this afternoon I started the third book. I'm about half way through it now. I won't say I'm obsessed. I mean it's not like I have an Edward desktop or screen saver or collect chocolates with his picture on them or anything. In fact, I still don't get all the drama over why he's so hot or an awesome boyfriend or whatever. But is it weird that I find myself identifying more with the vampire than the girl? That says a lot about me, doesn't it?

I promise I'm not going to go around swooning over sparkly Edward now. Because I've seen the movie previews and that actor....NOT HOT. He looks like I could be old enough to be his mother and that is not cool at all.


  1. Yeah, I wasn't so taken with the actor playing him, either. But once you get through all of the books? Going back and watching/reading all of the internet spoofs on them can be a lot of fun! :)

  2. totally resisting temption on that getting sucked into Twilight as long as I can. yeah, the actors all remind me of other people. He's like a young skinny John Belushi, the primary girl character is sort of Sigourney Weaver, and the Talyor dude is a younger David Boreanaz. Can't help but know who they are thanks to E News blathering on about them constantly.

  3. *sigh* I'm so disappointed in you.

    Did my utter disgust for both the books and the movie not turn you away? I can't believe you've fallen to the dark side.

  4. Kristin--yeah yeah, if anything your disgust for the books made me more curious...so IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

    Kaly--I keep thinking, shouldn't that blonde guy from Buffy be in there somewhere?

    Well, I'm off to try to find Twilight at a Redbox!

  5. I'm Team Edward all the way. And I think Robert Pattinson is pretty hot. But yes, YOUNG. Taylor Lautner is so NOT hot though! And he's a tiny little thing too!!! Why they ever cast HIM as a 6'7" werewolf I'll never know. And I'd really like to smack the chick that plays Bella. But I'm sure as hell gonna go see New Moon tomorrow while my mom and kid go to Avatar. Oh yessir I am!!!

  6. Keri...I just finished the 4th book and thought the ending was lame. I finally saw the movie and Edward wasn't as unattractive as his photos.