Play Ball!



Back in April, when my parents were here for Easter, we were supposed to go to a Durham Bulls baseball game. But it got rained out. Today I finally used those tickets. Now why I decided to go to a 1:05pm game in the middle of July is beyond me, but there you have it. It wasn't quite as hot as hell but it was kind of close, at least until the 7th inning when we finally were in the shade.

The stadium and field were much smaller than I was expecting. I've never been to a major league game but I've been to plenty of college games and a few games of the Round Rock Express (also a Triple A team) and I guess it is true what they say...everything IS bigger in Texas!


There was plenty of entertainment between innings for big and little kids alike and being in a smaller stadium really helped with that. I definitely want to go back. Maybe just not when it's so hot!


Oh yeah, when a home run is hit (by the Bulls of course, who cares about the other team) the bull's eyes light up, his tail goes up and down and smoke comes out of his nose. It's pretty funny.

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