Now that I will no longer be using one entire paycheck to pay for a mortgage/HOA fees/utilities on a home in a state I don't even live in, I can start shopping again. For months I have only been buying only the most necessary things (okay, maybe there might have been one new pair of shoes).

A while back I saw these earrings on a blog. I loved them but, of course, didn't make note of where to buy them or even which blog I saw them on. So last week, during some down time at work, I went on a Google search. Do you know how many pages you have to sift through when you Google "silver bird earrings"? I found many cute ones before finding Figs & Ginger. Tonight I completed my purchase and I can't wait to put these little chickies in my ears.

Below is another pair I ran across and also loved. But they were twice as much and I'm still in budget mode so I went with the originals. She's got lots of cute things so I will definitely be checking back when I've got more funds.

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