Does anyone know a good way to get the scent of dog vomit out of my car? Because it's been rainy here for the last two days so I can't roll the car windows down and tonight when I got in the car to go home from work I nearly threw up myself. *gak* I drove straight to the grocery store with all 4 windows down in search of something to absorb the scent. As far as I can tell, everything has been cleaned up. I mean my mother was out there with q-tips, for goodness sakes! So now it's just lingering. On and on and on. Maybe I'll just walk to work tomorrow.

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  1. maybe it's time to burn that car and get another one?

    --someone was just telling me they wandered into the garage area of a used car lot, and saw their super-cleaner machine they use, and this person bought one because it worked so good.... now, if I could only remember who I had that conversation with....