Play ball!

My parents are driving up to visit me (and Lulu, of course) for Easter. One of the things we are going to do while they are here is go to a Durham Bulls baseball game. I didn't realize it when I was planning but that happens to be opening weekend as well. There will be fireworks. Awesome! I hope the weather cooperates. The seats aren't as good as I'd like but here's the view from the section we'll be sitting in:


  1. That's one of my most favorite movies EVER. I didn't know there was actually a REAL Durham Bulls!!!!!!! That's so cool!!!

    PS - the word verification for this post is "catshf". That's almost "catshit". Coincidence? lol

  2. It is one of my dreams to someday go to a Durham Bulls baseball game. I'm so jealous! And yes, Bull Durham is one of my favorite movies EVAR.