I have words

Today. About the Bachelor. He's an ass. I do not buy his lame excuse that he wasn't allowed to "see" Melissa before the reunion show. He could have broken up with her over the phone. That sucks but it's better than on national television.

Also, he is a whiny whiny baby. Sensitive guys are nice but there is just way too much crying. Even _I_ don't cry that much! And I cried at the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend.

And Melissa needs to shut about about being single at 25. That kind of sad woe is me talk does not need to start now. Her forehead doesn't even had wrinkles! Puleeeze. Get to therapy and fix yourself so you won't be a doormat. Plus, you should have kept the ring. Think how much you could have gotten on eBay for it!

okay. Words are over.


  1. Yeah, I cry a lot too and I don't hold a candle to him either. But at least we don't have that chick from Hunstville (you know, the one whose husband died) as the next Bachelorette. I couldn't have watched an entire season of her. OH THE TRAGEDY!!!!

  2. TOTAL ass. And who really believes he was not in contact with Molly in those six weeks? Because I don't.

    And I agree with Keri. Thank goodness the next bachelorette isn't (was it Stephanie?) the widow. I'd have died in the sticky sweetness.