What's the deal?

For months now I have been not so patiently waiting for The Accidental Husband to be released. But the released date keeps getting pushed back. Yesterday, while once again trying to find out when it's going to be coming out, I found out that the movie has already come out in other countries! What is up with that? The movie must really suck. But I don't care. Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a lead role!

Ooh oh! Yesterday I read that they might be bringing his character, Denny, back to Grey's Anatomy. Now how they are going to do that, since Denny died a very dramatic death and has already come back as a ghost once, is beyond me. But again, I do not care. Just now my ass will be firmly planted on the sofa, tissues in hand for that episode.

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  1. Izzy will be having hallucinations, or so that's what I've read..