Fashion Dilemma

I need a dress for my sister's wedding. Maybe you recall me mentioning it? She's getting married in two months and I'm the maid of honor. The dress requirements are: black, between knee and calf length and must be non-hoochie. I thought I'd found a dress, borrowed from a friend but it is a little too casual compared to the other bridesmaids' dresses. See me trying it on at work last week:

Strike a pose

So yesterday, during a moment of downtown at the office, I found these dresses on Nordstrom.com. The first one is great but I'm not crazy about the asymmetrical hem and it doesn't ship until the end of September. The second dress is much hotter but do I really want to be hot at my sister's wedding? Also, I have a thing about my armpits. They are not attractive. What if people look at the exposed one and laugh? What if my boob falls out? We do not need a wardrobe malfunction. The third dress has a great neckline, with the deeper v, but I'm not sure it's fancy enough.

What to do, what to do? I know...buy all three and then decide!


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  2. ooh. I really like that third one, Liz. I think it is beautiful.

  3. my first thought is to go with the one you're modeling. save the $$$ and buy something wonderful for yourself. but then i saw the pockets. pockets, unless you remove them, make the dress too casual. i think you should go with the middle dress, the one shoulder thing, and not worry the least about a wardrobe malfunction. you'd look smashing in it!

  4. I like the third one as well. I have that same dress except for its a tad shorter. I wear it to different events with different accessories.