What are they trying to say?

In my mail today was a postcard from my dermatologist's office. The last time I went to their office I came out looking like this:


Today's postcard is not a friendly reminder to wear sunscreen or to come in for my 6 month skin check. No, it's to tell me that there is going to be a Botox and Juvederm event. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! Do you think I need Botox?! Because I want it, really I do. I just can't afford it. I've got the Mariana Trench running across my forehead and 35 is getting closer and closer *sob*.

I used to think that aging would bother me, bring it on, etc. Yeah, now not to so much. The only good think about aging is that all the white hairs coming in have stopped my hair from turning brown and now my hair is looking more and more blonde. I've been saving so much money at the hair salon!

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