Unremarkable Numbskull

Today I finally had my follow up appointment with the neurologist. The results of my MRI....unremarkable. He made sure to tell me that was a good thing in terms of neurology and the brain. Just in case I hadn't figured that out already. He didn't really have any answers for me. I've been following his treatment plan: no caffeine, no OTC meds, no rx meds except for the topamax and maxalt (and I've only had one maxalt a week if I need it and just sucking it up the rest of the time). In fact, I've had intermittent headaches, at this point I hesitate to call them migraines (except for the one I had last week when I was in Canada. Then I wanted to die), since Sunday.

So he decided that I needed an occipital nerve block. Yes, let's do that. Let's numb my skull up so I can drive home in rush hour traffic! That will be fabulous. Oh what's that you say? My insurance won't cover it? Even better! Just add it to the MRI bill. Anyway, so the right side of my head got shot up with lidocaine and 2 other drugs. I go back next week to get the left side done. The back of my head doesn't hurt but that is never the major source of pain. The temples, where I would like to drill a hole to drain the pressure, still throb. I would cry but that makes it worse.

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