Long Awaited Canada Post

You were all holding your breath, weren't you?

First, I must apologize for the sucky photos. That happens when you have to use a disposable camera because you remembered the pack the digital camera but left its battery at home, sitting on the bathroom counter where you left it after unplugging it from the charger.

I went to Calgary to attend a week of training for my job. It was interesting and I learned so much. They sent us home with so much material that my suitcase was nearly over the limit. It weighed 40 lbs on the way there and 49.8 on the way back! Besides learning product knowledge, it was also great to learn that I am not the only one dealing the stresses and messes that I have at work. The 8 other people in my training do as well! Every car ride and lunch turned into one long bitch session...if we weren't comparing annoying things salespeople do it was complaining about our installers losing things or crazy client requests. It was nice to talk to people who get it! I didn't have to explain any shorthand or acronyms. We all spoke the same strange furniture language.

The weather was just awesome. Believe me, coming from 100 degrees, I was loving the highs of 75 and the cool, crisp mornings. It was strange for the sun to not start setting until after 10pm though and with the sun coming up again around 4:30am I wasn't able to catch up on my sleep as much as I had hoped. I took this photo in Banff around 10pm.

Another mountain

Here are some more photos of Banff. Let me tell you that these photos do not do it justice at all. Seriously, we were all gasping at how beautiful the mountains were on the drive up there. Someone told me that the Banff Springs hotel was one of the locations to film The Shining. I don't know if that's true and my Google fingers haven't help me find any truth to that but it sure looks like it could be! We only walked through the lobby but it was beautiful.



Banff Springs

And finally, here's me in Canada.

Me again

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