A Thing of Beauty

The other day at work we had a "lunch & learn". This is when a manufacturer's rep comes during lunch, brings us food and gives a presentation about his/her product. The man that came the other day brought a terrible lunch from Luby's. Not only was the food gross but he didn't bring enough. We're not Jesus with the fishes & loaves people!

But then he pulled out the Emeco binder and I was blinded by beauty. It was like hearing the angels sing. Now, we'll probably never sell any of these chairs because they are expensive but maybe I can talk him into bringing a demo model into the office. Then I can put it near me so I can touch it and pet it and call it George.

The model pictured here is the Kong chair and was designed by Philipe Starck.


  1. Dear Elizabeth:
    I am sorry Jeff did not bring enough lunch for you all. If you give us another chance to bring in some Emeco chairs and tell you why they are so expensive I promise that we will do better. Meanwhile, if you visit our site, www.emeco.net, you will see the Emeco Cinema section – there are some wild films about Emeco that show you the quality of the furniture we make. I know once you find out about our products you will be able to sell them. Let me know when we can come back with FOOD.
    Dan Fogelson
    VP Sales and Marketing
    1 401 935 7088

  2. what?! but i LOVE and miss Luby's!!!