like a sheep following the rest of the herd I think I need to get into this Silly Bandz craze. It's all my aunt's fault. She posted on Facebook how she wanted some Texas shaped ones and someone posted a link....

which then led me to find NCAA licensed (what won't they license to get our money?) Silly Bandz for Texas Tech:

and Ohio State. I do wonder exactly what is that green leaf supposed to be. It looks suspiciously like a marijuana leaf to me.

And I found some Texas A&M ones:

Lastly, of course I couldn't leave out the local schools:

Duke Blue Devils

UNC Tarheels

NC State Wolfpack

This may be one of the most juvenile blog posts I've ever written.

oh yeah, they had university of texas ones too but you know my thoughts on that. So you can Google them up yourself if you really want them. All images courtesy of Amazon.com.


  1. Glad to know that getting older hasn't kept you from staying 'in touch with the kids.' :) Happy birthday to you too!!

  2. hey - looky! you totally gotta knit this!!