Is it weird?

I posed this question on Facebook the other day and all my friends said oh no it's not strange at all. But they're my friends, so of course they might lie. The question is: Will it be weird if I go see the Zac Brown Band in concert by myself? They are playing in Raleigh next week and none of my friends want to go.

Honestly, I probably won't go. Sitting next to strangers at a movie is one thing but at a concert...I don't know. Too bad I missed seeing them when they were at ACL a few years ago. I really hope it wasn't the year I had the stomach virus from hell because that would be even worse then just not being there all together. (side note: stomach virus + porta potties = giant nightmare)

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  1. They were at ACL this past year. The one where Mo got a little too intoxicated.