Yip yip yip

From the bedroom, where Lulu is asleep on my bed, I hear:
yip yip yip
yip yip yip
yip yip yip

Lulu is dreaming. About what I wonder. Hopefully not like the dream I had this morning where I was stuck wandering around Ikea and then ate a shrimp taco. No, I think she is dreaming about the bunny she tried to chase the other night. Curse her leash and it's 8 foot length. She would have had it otherwise, she's certain. Was is the Easter bunny?


  1. Lulu was probably vanquishing a great giant bunny that is at least 5 times her size. And from now on we shall call her the Bunny Warrior!!!!

    Flash, Alven and Dottie

    P.S. love the ears