How to enjoy the snow storm

Sadly, these are true but they crack me up anyway.

Stay home and watch the local TV meteorologists go crazy with happiness that they can report on this rare weather event.
Know that every station puts reporters out on the roads, in miserable weather, so they can explain what the snow looks like, as if none of us has ever seen snow, or as if, for some reason, we are locked inside our homes and can't see it for ourselves.
The reporters always bend down, pick up the snow (videographers get the closeup), and attempt to explain what the snow is like.
The stations will report on the snow for hours on end, all the while bragging about their extensive coverage, and reporters will get very tired of explaining what snow is and what it feels like.
This morning, one reporter said, "It's white and snowy."
One news anchor (an NC native) supplied viewers with a photograph of his boot print in the slushy snow. Quite the excitement ensued! He also said his boots were new, and he'd probably wear them for three days and never again. He is probably right.
Realize that some TV reporters do not quite have "snow" terminology down. In the past, we've heard reporters call snowflakes "snow drops." I've heard them say that the snow is "pouring," instead of "falling."

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  1. ha! I forget the Hurricane's name but one came through like what, maybe 15 years ago and the eye crossed right over Cary. and the weather reporting has gotten into the minutiae ever since. quite a difference in the UK, I must say. There you get like a map of the country with a few temps dotted about, and that's it. Like how am I gonna know how to dress at 2:03 PM???