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So I've been living in North Carolina for a year now and because I am the lazy it wasn't until today that I finally went to get an NC driver's license. That, my friends, was an exercise in frustration. Finally, after three hours of sitting around in a space that was no doubt full of swirling hamthrax germs (seriously, typhoid Mary was hacking up a lung next to me) I left the office with a piece of paper giving me a temporary license. Big whoopty doo.

In a couple of weeks I'm going to do it all over again when I finally make my car legal and register it in this state. Because they can't make it easy and let you do both at the same time in the same place. Oh no.

You know, I really better live here a long time because if I have to move back to Texas and do this all over again my head might explode.

Searching for a picture to put with this post led me to find this story, which totally cracks me up. A couple of weeks ago I saw a plate that said "KTHXBAI"

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