I'm a bad dog mom

So Lulu has this little fabric covered ottoman that she loves. In Austin it was indoors, in the corner of the living room where two windows came together. From that spot she could survey her kingdom (the back yard) and make sure no possums tried to enter it. Here it's on my screened in patio. She likes to sit on it and watch...well who knows what she's watching because the only thing back there is trees. Anyway. The ottoman is covered in Sunbrella fabric, which is supposed to be suitable for the outdoor elements. Yeah, not so much for the dampness that is my patio. There is mold growing on it. I discovered this at least a week ago. The spots are getting larger but have I thrown it away? No.

I need to find her something to replace it. I found this hammock thing, that I think she'll like, and it looks like I can wash it. Christmas is going to come early for Ms. Lulu!

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