Weekend getaway

I have to take some unpaid days off over the next few months and I've got vacation to use up before the end of the year so I decided I should take a quick weekend getaway but I can't decide where to go!

Chicago (love it, one of my favorite cities)
Atlanta (bonus, I can drive there)
Asheville, NC (home of the Biltmore)
Boone, NC (the mountains)

Where should I go?


  1. Asheville! We stayed at The Pines (cheap!) and had a great time. TONS to do... quiet. Reflection time to the max... Sunny Pointe Cafe is a must if you're there. Take a GPS and look it up, hard to find but SO worth it. Just my two cents :) Have fun where ever you go!

  2. Chicago - it is AWESOME!

  3. ooh if you've never been to seattle you're in for a treat (but if you go that far u have to go to Vancouver and Victoria, too). Quick weekend? Asheville cause it's so relaxing and cool!

  4. At this point, because I can not make a decision, I will probably just drive to Smithville and go shopping at the outlet mall. Wooo so exciting.

  5. hey that is a load of fun in itself, really!