Breaking Bad

So when I haven't been at the office, living the dream as a coworker likes to say, I've been sitting on my ass at home watching a lot of television. When I moved I decided to cancel my home phone (so if you need to call me, use the cell number) and cable. I thought I wasn't watching all that much tv and I pretty much never talk on the phone.

Now I must be deliberate in choosing to watch something. No more just turning on the tv for background noise. What have I been watching? Well first I plowed my way through 3 seasons of Parenthood. The first two are on Netflix, which I can stream via my Bluray player, but for the third season I had to hook my laptop to the tv and watch it via NBC's website.

My current obsession,  addiction, is Breaking Bad. Have you seen this show?! It's freaking amazing. So very dark and kind of depressing but I love it. Since last week I've watched 3 1/2 seasons. Love it!


Hey there

So I'm all moved in to my new house in Durham and I love it. Unfortunately, I've been working 60 hours a week since the move so not much has gotten done. Thankfully, it was move in ready so I'm not having to live with any eye sores.