Justice for Cisco

This morning I was listening to my favorite Austin morning radio show, via an app on my iphone, when I heard the disturbing story about a police officer that went to the wrong address and within moments of being there shot an innocent dog. The owner of the dog was being interviewed and he was being way more level headed than I could be. Good for him for taking the high road and trying to bring change to the way things are done rather than just bashing the police. Listening to his interview was difficult enough, I was blinking back tears. What was I thinking trying to watch the dash cam video when I got home? The shooting is not seen but you can plainly hear it. It was sickening and I had to stop after that. As I cuddle up to Lulu, I can only imagine how horrified Cisco's owner must have been.

If you're on Facebook, I recommend checking out his page, JusticeForCisco, and reading the story for yourself.