Photo Challenge

This month, to give myself something to look forward to every day, I participated in an Instagram daily photo challenge.

This photo challenges:

My photos:

Instagram February 2012 Daily Photo Challenge


Today was a good day

At the dog park

It was a beautiful day today and I woke up in a very good mood. In fact, I actually felt normal. No cloud of sadness floated over my head. Lulu and hung out at the dog park for a little bit, then my friend and I wandered around the flea market for a couple of hours.

It was a very good day.


Did you watch?

Did you watch the Grammys last night? I only watched for one reason, to see Adele. Her voice is amazing and she made me cry (granted, it doesn't take much these days). She sounded better than ever I had recorded her interview on 60 Minutes but didn't watch it until tonight.

In my next life, I want to be Adele.

Also, she has a mini-doxie named Louis Armstrong. So just another reason to love her.



Have you ever done anything you've regretted? Thankfully, I have very few regrets in my life. Last weekend, since my hair was falling out anyway, I cut it short. It seems like less is falling out now, because it doesn't get tangled on itself, and there is more body with less weight to pull it down. But I regret cutting it. It's growing so slow (my bangs haven't been trimmed since before Christmas) and will take like a year to get as long as it was again. It's just hair, right?

Self Portrait

This was my hair before

My favorite t-shirt.  Just realized it's over 20 yrs old. Yikes.


This blog should really be called....

The depressed life. I have no desire to do anything. My hair started falling out a couple of weeks ago. I've lost probably a good third of it. Handfuls come out every time I brush or wash it. Thank goodness I had a lot to begin with! The doctor says it's stress related and that I won't go bald and that it will grow back. Because it's not at all creating more stress to have my hair falling out. On the plus side, at least it doesn't take 30 minutes to blow dry my hair any more.

Obligatory Lulu photo for the Lulu fans.

Is that a cheeto I spy?