90 days of suck

It's been 90 days since Tom died. Every day something reminds me of him. It might be a song, or a memory, or something I see online that I know he would love and crack up over. It's getting easier yet harder at the same time, if that make any sense. But I feel so very alone, even when I surrounded by people. I don't want to die but living like this, without him, really sucks.


Cute puppies

Lulu & Santa 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

My friend has a new puppy, Zoey. Zoey is so adorable that I just want to snuggle her all the time, which I did, before we went to the hockey game. Who's a cute little puppy?

Two cuties

Also, can I just say wow, no wonder I got carded at the game! I do not look 38 in this picture.

Sometimes good things happen

Earlier this week I got an email from the local Nissan dealership telling me that I had won a pair of tickets to tonight's hockey game. The seats were very good, just 2 rows from the ice, and free parking! I was so excited and then I remembered that Tom wouldn't be able to go with me. So I took my friend instead and even though the 'Canes lost it was fun.