Racing to Save Lives....again

I've started up with Team in Training (TNT) again to train for another half marathon this fall. If you aren't familiar with TNT it is a fundraising program for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Each participant raises funds as they train for some kind of athletic event. The event I'm doing is Raleigh's City of Oaks. I would love to do a race in another city, last year I went to San Diego, but there just isn't enough vacation time. So I'm staying local. You can help me meet my fundraising goal by donating via the link over there on the sidebar.


Found on Pinterest

I've had to quit watching The Office, because it pained me to see Michael Scott act like such an idiot, but I thought this was great.

And here's the original, Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte


Lulu fought a Fat Man

While The Boyfriend and I were on our cruise, Lulu stayed with my friend and her crew of 2 cats and a dog. One of the cats, Fat Man, doesn't really like dogs. Apparently, he and Lulu got into it yesterday morning. Guess who won? With a name like Fat Man, do you have any doubts? It wasn't Lulu.