It's Friday y'all! (Pretend you just heard me drawl that out).

Anyway, I had to pop in from work to post because something just really cracked me up. I'm jammin' the iPod while trying to draw a million little pieces of office cubicles and the song "Shake That" by Eminem comes on. Ya'll know Eminem, right? He's nasty and I forget that sometimes. So there's a line in this song that says the guy "gets more ass than a toilet seat". It's so wrong, but cracks me up every time. Because, inside, I'm a 12 year old boy and I laugh at fart jokes.

Ooooh, my imaginary boyfriend LL Cool J is singing to me now. I might have to stand up and dance. The office is dead so if I do a bit of booty shakin here in my cube, no one will know.

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  1. ROFL!!!

    I am sooooooooooo hoping that your office has security cameras! lol!