Something came up today at work and now I have a dilemma. Do I want to move to Houston? On one hand I do. And on the other I do not. What to do....what to do....


  1. Yikes! Sounds like some serious thinking is happening at your house. Sounds to me like a sleepless night.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow - what a decision to have to make! Good luck Liz!

  3. Having lived there for most of my life...and all of my adult life until we moved here...I would say no. Absolutely not. Whatever it is you love about Austin cannot be captured there. Where would your office be? If it is anywhere around downtown, you will have to live at least an hours commute away...well, unless you like risking your life every moment of every day. You think where you live now is bad??? That ain't nothing! Call me...seriously...and tell me where your office will be and I can help you decide. And are you getting a promotion with this, or not?