I finally found a reason.....

Today after work I stopped by the gym to renew my membership. My gym attendance dropped severely after I ran over a guy in the parking lot in May of 2005. Oh don't worry, he's fine now. And he didn't even sue! God Bless USAA. It was his own damn fault anyway for not paying attention and walking right behind me.

Anyway, so the gym gave me a good deal and only charged me a $70 activation fee and the monthly fee is the same as it was before (was it the flirting I was doing with the gym manager perhaps? I was feeling a bit of the giddy at the time). Also, a new branch of the gym has opened up near Dell so alot of folks have migrated over there, making my gym not as packed. Because I have not worked out in ages, unless you count lifting food to my mouth, I decided to sign up with a personal trainer. Upon my sister's recommendation, I decided to use J. He's super cute, in a Latin Vin Diesel/LL Cool J sort of way. So now I have a reason to shave or wax my legs!

My mom will be so proud. (she can't believe I write about my hairy legs where a BOY might read it).


  1. Liz, you are so far ahead of me (she said, stuffing a cookie in her mouth and washing it down with Diet Coke...)...You are my new idol!

  2. Oh please! I ate 2 cookies for breakfast this morning!

  3. i ate cookies for breakfast this morning too!! but i am excited you signed up for a trainer. trainers are awesome. and torturous. and worth it.

  4. Did y'all not even see that I ran over a man?!

  5. At least you didn't run over a retard (i'm sorry, mentally challenged) on a moped.

    I love J. If it had not been for El Hombre at the time, I think I would have asked him out when he was my trainer. Don't forget to see if he knows any of the trainers at the Gold's in Dallas (Uptown).