Best V-day ever!

Today was possibly the best Valentine's day I've ever had. But honestly, that's not really hard to do. Let's recap:

Vday 1986, 6th grade: puked on the way to school, as bus was pulling into school driveway. Many, many kids laugh at me (as if I didn't already get made fun of enough).

Vday 1998: blind date with Army guy in Killeen. How fitting is it that there is an Army base in a town that starts with the word "kill"? Not a terrible day, just terribly awkward. He did give me a rose.

Vday 1999: searched for just the right card to give to oblivious boyfriend to profess my love. He's an idiot and I drive the hour back home crying.

Vday 2000: basic repeat of above, only more wine, shorter drive.

Vday 2001: boyfriend finally says he loves me...dumps me 2 months later. Takes years to recover.

Vday 2002: get stood up

Vday 2003-2006: spend night curled up with bags of chocolate and television

So as you can see, normally I hate this day. However, spending it with the cutest 3 1/2 year old in the whole world can change your view. We had great fun playing with legos and pretending to be monsters. And I even got a little bag of cookies he helped his mom make for me. So sweet. You can see why he is the propaganda child. Have you heard a 3 year old try to say "Elizabeth"? How can that not melt even the most Grinch like of hearts?

Now I'm off to snuggle with my sweety Lulu.


  1. do not go out on dates on valentine's day!

    i like staying in on valentine's day, regardless of mate or none.

  2. I don't remember a single Valentine's Day EVER!!!!! LOL!! They all suck!!!! Sinan and I don't even acknowledge it except to say to each other "Happy Valentine's Day, I love you as much today as I do all the other days of the year." Kiss-kiss. But what do you expect from a couple that doesn't celebrate anniversaries...on purpose.